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Build With Ziggurat Structural Solutions

We are full-service building design firms that offer design, build and construction management under one roof. However, if you are a homeowner and want to do the construction yourself, we help you get through the building permit application process from your first steps to building permit approval. We welcome you to contact us and learn more about what we do.

Working Together


What’s Available

Permit Services

  • We provide design and building permit services for your projects. Whatsoever be your budget, we aim to provide reliable work to help you follow through with your application process and obtain permit approval.


  • Our team provides exceptional construction planning and project management services for individuals and businesses who want the convenient completion of their projects.

Zoning By-Law Amendment

  • Suppose you are unable to comply with the provisions of the Zoning By-law. In that case, we can help you apply for a Minor Variance to make small changes or exceptions to existing land use or development restrictions contained in the Zoning By-law.

Are you exhausted with the building permit application process? Then, feel free to contact us; we will help you get your permit approval.

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